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Well, this should be backdated I suppose. Can't be arsed. Anyway, we dumped Rogers cable. I sorted noticed how bad the service really was, when foundation workmen accidentally dug up the cable. After they put in the temp cable replacement, the "bleed" through from some of the local stations was horrible. The coax they use must be really leaky and relied upon being buried. Local channel 9 blasted through our channel 8R Rochester on cable. *ick* StarChoice bronze is pretty much identical to what we had on rogers, slightly cheaper to boot and more much much more channels to boot. Gosh. I am writing a starchoice commercial.


Dec. 20th, 2003 10:06 pm
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So ArianO is doing santa http://www.personal.rdg.ac.uk/~sssogadr/
I think it would be far more disturbing had he added an earpiece.

"Miiissster Anderson. You have been a bad little boy."

I can picture it.
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I've been posting more and more "friends only" these days... I'm planning on going "friends only"
soonish... So.... is there anyone reading my posts that feel they should be listed on my friends list? Email me telling me who you are, and why.
P.S. I have taken a few people off of my friends list, not 'cause I am mad at you, but I'm trying to reconcile my friends list in preparation for this move.


Sep. 6th, 2003 01:22 pm
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Just found this (off of cbc.ca) quite cool
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We finally got to see the second part of "Illusions" that we missed due to them being rained out the first time. The ending was "so?" i.e. It was supposed to be a big twist in the plot. Still, the acting was good. It was great theatre!
If you haven't seen it and you live in Ottawa, go see it. You have another week.
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Our power came back on here around 11am. It had gone off at 16:10 yesterday.
We've turned off central air of course. Turned off lights. Could expect more rolling blackouts, so we are charging everything in sight. Taking showers now. Amazing how icky you can feel in this heat.
Its nice to have the internet back. My UPS takes at least 12 hours to recharge I believe. So I am hoping to have enough of a charge to last any of the possible rolling blackouts.
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We've been busy at the chamber music festival here in Ottawa. The first concert (Tuesday) we went to was a rather nice small group of brass. Not much to be said. They were fun.
The next concert had us listening to a guitarist, who couldn't seem to keep his instrument in tune. He fussed with it, even in-between movements of pieces. On some of the pieces, I wasn't sure if the tuning wasn't part of the piece or not. Very distracting. I can understand needing a tuning in-between pieces, but in-between movements? *ugh* very distracting. It was also in the old Baptist church on Laurier and Elgin. This church has got some of the worst acoustics in the city. *ugh*
Lessee, the concert on Saturday was a 10 piece brass group thrown together from mostly "The Rideau Brass." Much fun with some jazz numbers in the second half.
Todays was a group from England, doing recorder/flute , violin, harpischord, cello. very nice as well.
Then we increased our weight with some ice-cream from our favourite ice cream store on Bank St. (Murrows I think they are. near Bank and fourth/fifth.) *tired* *TIRED*
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"Harry Potter runs away and joins a motorcycle gang. His gang goes onto buzz the Tower of London at night. Unfortunately, Harry then gets shot down by a stinger missile."
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I decided last night that what we needed was a Harry Potter Soap.
Heres a few plot lines...

"Hermione gets into the family way and is expelled from Hogwarts."
"Harry Potter finds out that Snapes is his father." ("HARRY *in-rush of air just like star wars* I AM YOUR FATHER ")
"Ginger discovers she is the love child of Dumbledore."
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I went to Toronto Trek last weekend. *exhausted* But I have many pictures of costumers.. Met new friends, met old friends. Partied. Went to good panels. Amused myself listening to the tower frequency and listened as the ATC directed planes to take off then watched them climbing. The hotel is right by Pearson international after all. Great fun for a few minutes. I'll post pictures somewhere somehow.
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We saw this all Russian concert last night. Lots of fun, as usual. I saw what appeared to be Tic Toc shoved feet first into a tuba. Actually, it was a large mute stuck into the tuba. Then afterwards we drove up bank street to find our favourite ice cream place near fifth avenue still open (Morrows). Joy! We had no idea they were open until at least 10pm on Saturday nights. yum. Ice cream after a concert. Then home for a cup of tea. Nice evening out.
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On the front page of our local Ottawa "shitizen" (Citizen)
is an annotated photo of Prince Harry, "Prince Harry: THe secret life of a teenage royal"

1) why our local shitizen decided to waste the space is beyond me
2) why English journalists (using the term loosely) have to annotate someones dorm room is also quite beyond me.

Who cares he has a Sony Stereo, Who cares he uses Lynx deodorant. How tacky. this thing takes up at least a quarter of the front page of the "Shitizen." blah. Pity I can't find it on www.ottawa.com or you guys could laugh as well.
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Went to the annual "art in the park" last asaturday (only url I could find referring to this are some artists...)
here and here Lots of fun though. Lots of artists, artisans a theatrical group etc. There was a "knight" walking around with a fake horse hung around his hips. Quite amusing. hrmm Then later went to see some "Witch Hunter Robin" Anime at the local anime club. $2 cdn for 2 hours solid anime. GAH $2 cdn could have bought me 6 hours. Thats too much for me. 2 hours was just fine. "Witch Hunter Robin" rocks btw. I will keep an eye open for it.

I'm amused

Jun. 9th, 2003 10:22 am
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Look at this article from the space review Near the bottom.

"Faliures are simply due to human error,"
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So, we are driving home from having lunch out... And I spot this car ahead of us with a bumper sticker reading "I'd rather be driving a golf ball." I instantly had this weird image of the driver driving this tiny golf ball modified with wheels and a steering wheel. I can also imagine the driver being turned into a half fly like in "The fly" (original) and going "HELP ME! I'M TRAPPED AS A HALF FLY BEING FORCED TO DRIVE THIS GOLF BALL BY AN EVIL SCIENTIST."
Quite a disturbing image.
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I bought a brand new powerbook g4 17" laptop. Its beautiful.. :-) very quiet, not that hot on the bottom, very quiet... I was able to sync up my t68i phone with it. I was able to do a bunch of code fixing with it, side-by-each in emacs.. Its beautiful....
But oh yes, I am not a geek. Honest.
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