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I have never liked FaceBook. The idea that a company is going to set up a service for the benefit and well being of mankind is the stuff of acid trips. They want your life. They want you to tell them all about you so they can sell you to the highest bidder. I have hated the idea so much I have referred to them as “Fecesbook” privately and amongst friends. I bet they trawl the net looking for people to sue. I'll keep my ears open for the black helicopters and report back.

In any case, I was finally pressured into joining FB after my mother's death a few years ago. “It will be easier to co-ordinate details of the estate!” my sisters said. Ok ok. An added incentive was the local volunteer group I help needed help with social media. If I *have* to be monitoring FB I might as well post useful stuff to it eh? My profile is bare bones, as little as FB would let me get away with. I ignore their entreaties to have me fill out my profile more. *grumble*

I also ignore their ads, but I had a moment of weakness. I was on the lookout for this one *thing* anyway. It made no difference to me the company was nationwide and this particular ad was from Barrie Ontario. So I clicked. Oddly now I get ads for everything in Barrie Ontario. Everything from new stores opening there to car dealership. It's great! Perhaps I should move to Barrie.
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